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Candidates for Coadjutor Bishop

Below are links to are the full and complete  information package of the candidates in

Frederick Robertson, R.I.P.

On October 12, 2015, Fred Robertson peacefully left this world to be with his Heavenly

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Synod 2015; Information and documents

Synod will be convened on Thursday, November 26 at 7p.m. It will start with an

October Quebec Diocesan Gazette

The October Quebec Diocesan Gazette is now available October

2015 fundraising event of the Corporation du Patimoine et du Tourisme Reliqieux de Québec‏

In the past years, the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity has played a key part

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Episcopal Election FAQs

Episcopal Election FAQs Answers to some frequently asked questions related to the election of our

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A Thumbnail Sketch of the Diocese of Quebec

Sketch of the Diocese of Quebec

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Nomination form

Nomination form

14 Sep diocesan crest

Formulaire de nomination

  Formulaire Nomination