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22 Aug illustration_mental_illness

Breaking the silence

By Nick Forte What do we think of when we imagine mental health? For an

27 Jun Photo Credit: Joris Louwes

Spare some change?

By Jaymi Burke Would you classify yourself as wealthy? If so, try to imagine yourself

26 Jun Photo credit: Jason Paris

Are you coming to Champlain or Bishop’s this fall? Give us a call!

By Heather Thomson Many students from across our diocese make the choice to continue their

11 Jun IMG_1992

June’s Gazette is now online

The June edition of The Gazette, the diocesan newspaper, is online. The next is now

29 May meeting_presentation

Diocean Executive Council highlights

Some highlights of the April 25-26 meeting of the Diocesan Executive Council (D.E.C.) By Stephen

14 May Multi-Generational Palm Sunday

Multi-generational Palm Sunday

By Erin Clarke When starting off the Lenten Season with the Sunday School of St.

8 May anglican-catholic

A recipe for Christian unity: flesh, blood, tea and whisky

By Louisa Blair My grandmother and my great-grandmother, both Quebecers, both died on Good Friday.

8 May level ground at the foot of the cross

Level ground at the foot of the cross

Roman Catholic, United, Presbyterian, and Anglican leaders embraced at the foot of the cross at