April 20, 2017

+Bruce officially becomes the 13th Lord Bishop of Quebec

Bishop Dennis Drainville submitted his canonically requisite letter of resignation to the Metropolitan and the provincial House of Bishops yesterday, and it has been duly accepted.
His resignation took effect at midnight,April 19th, at which time under our canons, Bruce Joseph Andrew Myers OGS, took formal possession of the See of Quebec as our 13th Lord bishop..
Bishop Bruce will be “seated” at a service this Saturday morning at the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity.
Please keep both Bishop Dennis and Bishop Bruce in your prayers.
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  1. Bradley Hicks
    Apr 22 2017

    Congratulations and prayers of blessings dear Bishop Bruce on your “enseatment”.

  2. André J. Bernier
    Apr 26 2017

    Je veux adresser au Très Révérend Bruce Myers mes félicitations pour être devenu l’évêque ( grand pasteur) de la communauté anglicane du diocèse de Québec. Bonnes chances.

  3. Pierre Aubry
    May 3 2017

    We Townshippers are very happy and lucky!


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