Synod Journal

The Synod of the Diocese of Quebec was organized in July 1859 at Quebec and, in general, has met every other year. The Constitution states that Synod shall meet on a summons from the Bishop.

The Synod is composed of the Bishop, other Officers of Synod, ten clerics ekected by them, lay incumbents licensed by the Bishop, recognized postulants for orders in our Diocese,  lay representatives elected annually with deaneries or regions and two youth elected by each deanery/region.

The number of Lay Delegates is governed by the average attendance  in each congregation within the deanery or region.

The Synod elects various boards, councils and committees, the membership of which is based on the principle of regional representation by Deanery. A Diocesan Executive Committee (D.E.C.) is elected to carry on the business of Synod between meetings and to see that the wishes of Synod are fulfilled and the various resolutions adopted by Synod are put into effect. Synod also elects members of the Cathedral Centenary Endowment Fund , the Gazette Board, and the Board of Triers.