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Grosse-Île, Holy Trinity

The present church building was consecrated in 1928, and is the third to have been built in the village of Grosse-Île. The first was constructed in what is known as Grosse-Île North in 1852. It was replaced by a larger building in 1877. In 1923, a strong northeast gale blew the church off its foundations. The following year it was decided to rebuild the church in its somewhat-less-windy present location. The cemetery of the old Grosse-Île North church is still used and maintained. Local residents contributed their time, labour, and materials to build the present church. While the interior has a very traditional feel to it, a more contemporary touch can be found in the stained-glass windows behind the altar. Created in 1986 by artists on Prince Edward Island, they portray Jesus calling the first disciples (Matthew 4:18-22), but with our Lord and the apostles wearing modern Maritime garb against the backdrop of nearby East Cape.